Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Owen has been showing an interest in the alphabet since we checked out The Sleepy Little Alphabet by Judy Sierra a couple of weeks ago.
I love this book!  It is so cute.  The parents (uppercase letters) are trying to put their kiddies (lowercase letters) to bed.  The story is short and sweet with an easy cadence "Uh Oh! a is wide awake and b still has a bath to take!".  Best of all, though, are the illustrations.  Neither Owen nor I tire of looking at the pictures.  When we first got this book, we just read through the story several times (always culminating with singing the ABC song.)  Now, he wants to point at all the letters and find out what they are, which is pretty fun.  This is definitely a great alphabet book for the younger ones.  And can I say its also just so cute to hear him try and say "alphabet?"  ;)

So we have been trying to reinforce his interest in the alphabet by doing different activities, singing the alphabet song, etc. I started a felt alphabet book (I ran out of glue, it only goes to D, but I do plan to just slowly add to it anyway).

I put up a couple letters on the wall with double sided tape. So far we have A, B and Y(his favorite). I plan on adding Z today since he seems to like that one. When he walks by, he will point to them or say their name or take them down and play with them. He was surprised and excited to see the letter Y show up yesterday.
I printed out some cute little alphabet cards from Tired, Need Sleep. Check out her blog post here. We use them more like flash cards, though. Flash cards aren't for everyone,but Owen loves them! He plays with them all the time, looking at the pictures and naming them. He shows me the ones he doesn't know and I tell him what it is... He could play with them all day, so these are really fun for him . He gets excited by the animal pictures on them.  (our favorite flash cards are the touch and feel ones, they are so awesome, check them out here)
The other thing we have been doing is looking at Starfall.com There is here a section there for learning your ABCs, and we go on and look at some of the different letters. Owen now wants to get on the computer anytime I am on it. He says A! A! Because he wants to see the letter A. We only go through a couple of them at a time, like we usually do A, B, C and then sometimes ones like Y, Z or O. Its a pretty fun website, you should check it out!

There are so many alphabet resources out there. Most of them have ideas that seem too advanced for Owen, but I look at them constantly anyway. Here are some of the links I can think of right now I know there are a ton of others, I will try to think of them.

No Time for Flash Cards
Totally Tots
Homeschool Creations
Confessions of a Homeschooler
ABC and 123

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  1. We got Sleepy Little Alphabet from the library a while back and I also thought it was the cutest book ever. One of my favorites of the bunch.


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