Thursday, December 9, 2010

Quick Toddler Slipper Tutorial

My husband has been complaining that Owen doesn't have any slippers to wear around the house.  This past weekend I came up with an easy idea to make slippers that I thought I would share with you.  Owen had a pair of fleece footie pajamas that the zipper had broken on.  So I turned them into slippers.  My sewing machine is in the repair shop so I used the glue gun, but it would be much better to sew them, and I plan on doing so once I get my machine back.


First cut the feet off of a pair of pajamas.  Leave several inches at the top, so it looks like a boot.
Second, cut strips of the fleece (or use another fabric) long enough to wrap around the ankles of your child.  I didn't measure, and I should have, mine were too short at first.  I also found that my fleece had less stretch when I cut vertical strips (but they didn't look as cute with the pattern...)

Sew (or glue) velcro to the strips.  Make sure that you are attaching the velcro to opposite sides of the fabric.  Put the loop velcro on the front of your strip and the hook velcro on the back of your fabric.

If one of the legs of your slipper has a zipper in it, stitch it closed.

Attach the strip to the back of the slipper.
And thats it!  Wrap the strip around your child's ankle and secure the slipper in place.  Fold the top over and you are all done.  My son, who takes his socks off constantly has not removed these once.  Although maybe your child is more of a genius than mine...

Also--now that you have your materials out, you should get out your child's mittens and make strips for those too!  I did, and it would have been awesome, but 1) they were too long and 2) the glue did not hold because of all the stretching.  But once my sewing machine is back in business I will definitely make some ;)

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  1. Cute! Been meaning to thank you for featuring me on your blog list! :)

  2. Great idea!

    Come enter to win a free pair of sandals!

  3. Ah, fun idea! He looks nice and cozy and warm. ;) Thanks for sharing!


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