Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And plans change...

I had dreamed up a bunch of body-themed activities to do this week but I think they will be scrapped! First of all, I have a suspicion that Owen knows all the body parts, even the ones that I thought he didn't know (I brought out a picture of a hand and he named it immediately!) which would be fine, I was going to do the activities anyway, but man, this kid is seriously obsessed with Brown Bear. Sooooo, I spent naptime coming up with some Brown Bear things for daddy to print out and today we will do some other stuff.  Here is what we did today:

Filled the sink with water and tons of bubbles! I thought it would be a hit since he loves waterplay so much, but he was kind of nervous (I think) about being up on that chair. (note: those dishes on the counter??? they are actually clean... instead of putting them away like a self-respecting mama, I just moved them to the counter.)

so we brought the water and bubbles down to the floor and it was perfect ;)

later, I brought up our plastic swimming pool and filled it with snow! I thought this would be so much fun... I would like to say that the reason I didn't get us geared up to play outside was because it was raining, but in honesty, I had no idea it was raining. I just didn't want to play outside, so I brought the play to us. I also filled up squirt bottles with water that had food coloring in it and sprayed the water to make it fun colored.

But... he didn't really like it. Perhaps because it was near naptime or he was hungry... Perhaps because I couldn't find his mittens (who taught him the word "cold?" he sure used it appropriately).. But it wasn't as fun as I had hoped. Eventually a mixing spoon *kind of* got him playing along.
While he did that, I was scooping snow with a cup. I imagine it would be so fun for an older kid to make a snow castle (instead of a sand castle).
finally, Owen showed me what he really wanted to do, which was take his books off the shelf, one by one, and read them. and we did.

Make sure to come back tomorrow to check out our Brown Bear activities!

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  1. Love the inside snow idea! We will have to try this when we get some snow. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. The snow castles are a great idea. Sometimes you really do just have to follow their lead :)

    Thanks for linking up to We Play.


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