Tuesday, November 23, 2010

turkey turkey!

So I decided that I had to do a hand turkey craft with Owen after seeing a blogger (ack, I don't remember who) saying they do them every year to see the hand grow. I really loved this turkey craft and decided to do it. I was shocked by how tiny Owen's hand is!!! I had planned on decorating the fingers with pompoms because we don't have feathers but the pompoms were way too big! So I cut the hair off of the pompoms and had Owen help me glue them down.

Well thats about as far as we got as a group project, he was not interested in helping, so I just got out my gluegun instead and finished it off myself. And then I made another one for Owen to play with because he sure ain't touching mine! Ha. who said crafts were for the kids?

Some other things we did today:
--these fun house activities I posted about yesterday

--we took a walk outside and down the street pointing at the other houses, trees and snow on the street. We also looked in the windows of our house. Owen definitely has house, tree and door down; window--not so much.

--since crayons really aren't that fun for Owen to color with (he's just not that good at them) I got out a pastel set and had him color a picture I drew of a house and trees. It was fun, but a warning is that pastels are pretty messy and they break when dropped. Sure are fun, though!

We hung the picture on the wall. Since I didn't have anything to "fix" the color with to prevent tiny hands from smudging it all over I took two page protectors (like from a binder) and put the picture in them. Instant frame!

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