Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First Look at Shapes

Nana and PopPop brought Owen's Christmas presents with them when they visited over the weekend. They were supposed to stay hidden until Christmas, but I had to play with this shapes puzzle because it seemed like such a great thing for us to work on at this stage.

We had lots of fun, but after a while I started focusing on just the circle and triangle to make it simpler. Here are some of the other things we did:

I spruced up our bean bin by dyeing rice red and blue, and also dyeing some pasta green. So many pretty colors! (Dyeing rice and pasta is easy-- put it in a plastic bag along with some rubbing alcohol and a few drops of food coloring and then squish it around to mix it. Lay it out on a paper towel to dry.) I added in wooden shapes that I got at the Target Dollar Spot yesterday (wooden lacing beads) and while scooping and pouring and making a huge mess we also played with the shapes. my newest help was laying out a leftover tablecloth underneath us for easier and quicker cleanup.

Later in the day I tried to get Owen to help me sort triangles and circles onto a paper where I had drawn a big circle and a big triangle, but he wasn't interested.

So I got out the markers to color the picture instead, but he wasn't interested in that either.

Finally I got out the muffin tin lunch and that seemed just about right. He's still got some sort of a cold so I think the rest of the day will be spent reading, snuggling and relaxing.

What do you like to do to have fun with shapes?

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