Friday, November 19, 2010


In general, Owen and I are repeating the activities we do during the week so I try not to post about those.  I wrote about some red activites we have done here.  These are a few other red activities we are doing.

Red Collage!  It takes less than 15 minutes to flip through your old magazines, tear out red pictures or pages and cut (or tear) them into shapes.  I found some contact paper (we bought it for the purpose of being a drawer liner) and cut a big rectangle out of it.  I helped Owen put the red items onto the sticky part of the contact paper to create a red collage.

We hung it up in his toy closet, where we will hang other color creations in the future. ok, I should have been more thoughtul... The placement of this picture made Owen very angry since he couldn't reach it.  I moved it to a lower position that he can see at eye level and he is loving looking at it now.

I also spent about five minutes drawing pictures of red items and made a small book.  I added a wagon, t-shirt, apple, car, elmo and a truck.  I did not write any words, mostly because I am lazy...  I read it to him in the style of the book "Brown Bear" (Red wagon, red wagon, what do you see?  I see a red shirt looking at me, etc.)  I was surprised that he really enjoyed the book because it seemed boring to me. 

We also did some cooking (Owen stirring up ingredients + food coloring), played with red (and not red) cars, read some red books, and.. thats about it.  Sometime this weekend I might freeze some red ice cubes and let him play with them in the tub or in the kitchen with bowls of water.  He did some water play yesterday for almost an hour, which is pretty incredible amount of time to keep a toddler interested.  Yes, everything got wet, but the cleanup was remarkably easier than anything else we do.

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