Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Intro to Red Overkill

I thought it would be fun to do a lot of red things today. Not just bringing out red stuff and talking about it but also just seeing a lot of red during the day.

First we made some red playdough. Owen was very interested in the food coloring.

After it was all mixed up, he was mad that we were done cooking so we went back to the old standby, oats, flour and water. Yum!

I then set him up in the den to play with the red playdough and commenced with washing dishes. I went in a few minutes later to check on him and he was playing with dog vomit. seriously. If I ever find out what makes dog vomit more interesting than playdough I will let you know.

He was then making vrooming noises all over the house so we played cars for a bit (lots of red firetrucks!) and then we worked on putting red chips from the game Sequence into his piggy bank. I've tried this activity with homemade jars but he finds the piggy bank more interesting. He does struggle sometimes to get the chips in though.

We read one of his favorites, Elmo's First Book of Colors, and a couple of times through I picked up objects near us to compare the colors, for example, this truck is red like Elmo, or this block is yellow like big bird.

A few days ago I put together a bunch of red items and then covered this box in red paper. I am just going to leave it out for him to find and explore this afternoon. Don't make fun of my duct tape job, I am super embarrassed about it, why don't we ever have tape like normal people??

The final piece to our red puzzle today is red lunch ;) Owen will have spaghettio's (not that he will eat them, I'm sure, but I'm going to let him practice with his spoon as well). Red cottage cheese, grapes, and jello! The jello is homemade; I didn't have any "normal" jello on hand, and recipes I found called for juice to flavor it but we don't have juice. I was thinking of using sugar and extracts but I just didn't feel good about making him sweets since he doesn't eat them very often at all, maybe a tidbit from mom and dad's dessert like once in a blue moon, so I reverted back to the babyfood days and blended up some apples and bananas, stirred in gelatin, cold water and food coloring and voila! Jello! Lunch looks a little gross, to be honest! Sure he won't mind, though.

oh! we are also going to fingerpaint with red this afternoon!

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