Wednesday, November 24, 2010

House Fun!

Well I was thinking of playing with color today but that kind of failed miserably so we moved onto bigger and better things! We made another contact paper craft; I cut out shapes of a house, trees, sun and had Owen help put them onto the contact paper. He loves to help "pat, pat, PAT!" (if that makes no sense to you, he helps "pat" the papers down.) I had put double sided tape onto the windows and doors to get them to stick. We had a lot of fun putting the cotton snow down.
I wanted to put this up on the wall next to the house from yesterday, but knew from our experience with the red collage that Owen was going to touch it and get his fingers stuck to the page and get dog hair on it and pull off the shapes and just make a big mess. soooo... I put saran wrap on it. Weird, I know. And probably there was a better solution but that was the one I tried. So here is our saran-wrapped finished product:
Since he enjoyed muffin tin monday so much I decided to make a house-themed lunch, which I thought was pretty cute.
But Owen pretty much made a mess of it and asked for cheese crackers. Isn't that just how it goes??
We also tried putting straws into a Parmesan cheese container because, well, all the other bloggers are doing it but that was only fun for about two seconds.
Things that were more fun:
--throwing the Parmesan container
--running with the Parmesan container
--chasing the dog with the Parmesan container
--getting tiny boy fingers stuck in the holes of the Parmesan container (several times, lol).
--leaving straws all over the house
Anyway, hope you are having fun getting ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow! If I am lucky maybe we will do another fun craft. OH, and I should definitely post my MIL's sangria cranberries recipe. YUM.


  1. visiting from Red Ted art.
    Too funny! That's pretty much how it went when I tried the whole "pipe cleaners into a pringles can" thing! Love the snack! I always top our contact paper art with another piece of contact paper, but it looks like the Saran wrap did the job! :)

  2. Wow! I love the lunch plate!!! And the "Original Art"!! Didn't you guys get crafty! Fabulous!

    Lovely to have you stop by at Kids Get Crafty! Thank you. Oh, and I LOVE the wallpaper on your blog. So pretty!



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